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D'HONE ball joint swivel

A swivel is a functionally necessary connecting element between the anchor and the anchor chain. Since the anchor often rotates around its own axis during retrieval, without a swivel the anchor chain would become so stiff due to the twisting that at some point it would no longer run over the chain wheel.


Suitable connecting elements are the traditional anchor chain forerunner with integrated chain swivel or an anchor swivel attached directly to the anchor shank.

What are the advantages of the D'HONE ball joint swivel?


  • The D'HONE ball swivel is considerably shorter than a conventional anchor chain forerunner.


  • Due to its ball joint, the D'HONE ball joint swivel is flexible in its longitudinal axis, so that the bending moments occurring during anchor pull-in are considerably reduced. 


When replacing the ball joint swivel, you will receive detailed installation instructions.

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