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Our anchors are bituminised as standard. This corrosion protection is quick to apply and inexpensive.


Especially in the yachting sector, our customers prefer hot dip galvanized anchors. Although hot dip galvanizing is indisputably the best method for permanent corrosion protection for steel, our customers are increasingly demanding more from the surface of the galvanizing. In addition to the actual effect of protecting against corrosion (rust), people visually expect an anchor that looks like a highly polished stainless steel anchor. This expectation cannot be fulfilled.


When hot dip galvanizing the material S355J2+N, which is prescribed for ship anchors, highly uneven and extremely thick zinc layers often occur. As a result of the different layer thicknesses, the zinc layers are visually particularly disturbing and regularly lead to complaints. The steel composition plays a decisive role: it is always in the range of the so-called "sandeline effect". For this reason, hot dip galvanizing is generally excluded from the warranty.


Modern cruise ships are often painted in several colours. Many shipowners prefer anchor preservation in the ship's colour or in white. Before the actual painting, the anchor is sandblasted and primed. The colour specification is usually given by the shipowner.

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