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The D'HONE-SPEZIAL with high holding power is a welded ship anchor. Its compact design and the optional self-righting behaviour of the flukes ("fully balanced") make the D'HONE-SPEZIAL an ideal ship's anchor. Adjustments possible within the scope of type approvals enable a technically optimal connection between anchor and ship's hull. With the D'HONE ball joint swivel as the connecting element between anchor and anchor chain, we offer the highest functionality with the shortest design.


More than 50,000 anchors in the last 6 decades have made the D'HONE-SPEZIAL one of the most successful ship anchors worldwide. Renowned shipyards and shipping companies trust in the holding power and durability of the anchor. High quality rolled plates, from which the D'HONE-SPEZIAL anchor is made, have significantly higher strength values than cast anchors from Asia.

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