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At the beginning of the sixties, the D'HONE-SPEZIAL clip anchor was developed by Duisburger Kettenfabrik und Hammerwerk H. d'Hone GmbH & Co. KG. The technical director at the time, Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Domagala, designed a ship's anchor that combined an optimum combination of high holding , compact shape, attractive design and high strength.


At that time, the leading classification societies, in cooperation with the scientific testing institutes, carried out the first tests examining different types of anchors in terms of their holding capacity.


The D'HONE-SPEZIAL anchor proved to be one of the few anchors that demonstrated a significantly higher holding power than conventional anchors. The classification societies' distinction between "conventional anchors" and "anchors with high holding power", internationally "HHP" for "High Holding Power" led to the brand name "D'HONE-SPEZIAL anchor with high holding power".


The criterion for obtaining the predicate "anchor with high holding power" is the proof that the anchor must provide at least twice the holding power of a conventional anchor of the same weight (e.g. SPEK, HALL, GRUSON).


This results in "high holding power" anchors having an allowable weight reduction of 25% with the international classification societies. ZSUK grants a weight reduction of 30%. Even at this reduced weight, the holding power is still significantly higher than that of a corresponding conventional anchor.


The D'HONE-SPEZIAL is now used more than 50,000 times worldwide. The range of use extends from sailing yachts to police patrol boats, naval vessels, container ships and even the largest cruise ships in the world.


Essential product features in brief: 


  • anchor with high holding power

  • compact design - ideal for anchor pockets

  • optional low-lying centre of gravity (in English "fully balanced")

  • optional rectangular base plate to visually close a horizontally designed anchor pocket opening

  • factory setting of the shank opening angle between 35 and 45° (standard 40°)

  • 2D and 3D anchor drawings and anchor pocket suggestions

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